Potty Training for Autistic Children: Expert Tips and Insights

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Potty Training for Autistic Children: Expert Tips and Insights

Hey, parents and caregivers! Let's talk about a topic that can sometimes be a bit challenging: toilet training for autistic children. Did you know that research indicates that less than half of autistic children are fully toilet trained by the age of 5?

But fear not, experts from around the world have been supporting parents and autistic children on the road to successful toilet training for many decades.

One of the biggest questions parents have is how to know when their autistic child is ready for toilet training. Toilet training for an autistic child can be much different than other children. It is important for parents to seek guidance from a qualified professional to help them know if their child is ready. In fact, a team of researchers conducted a review of 55 published articles on toilet training for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. (Johnson, J. et al. 2021). It showed that only 22 percent of participants were able to follow directions before intervention; only 5 percent were able to sit for five minutes on the toilet; only 11 percent were able to pull their pants up and down; only 4 percent were able to retain urine; and only 15 percent were described as vocal communicators. After years of research on toilet training for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we now know that some of the prerequisite skills may not be as necessary for toilet training success as we thought they were. So, speak to your support team to find out if they feel your autistic child is ready!

So, you've determined that your child is ready to embark on the potty training adventure. Now what? Depending on your child and the professional you are working with, some of the common strategies might include, scheduling sit times, celebrating successes, allowing children to move off the toilet, preparing for accidents and generalizing the skill so your child is comfortable going to the bathroom in places other than your own home.

Let's face it, not every potty training attempt goes smoothly. But don't worry, you're not alone! There are some excellent articles in Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine on this complex topic. Top experts offer toilet training approaches, troubleshooting tips, and reassurance that every child progresses at their own pace. Remember, patience and persistence are key!

Toilet training autistic children can sometimes be a bit challenging, but with the right knowledge and strategies, it becomes an achievable and rewarding milestone. Get ready to embark on the potty training adventure with confidence, knowing you have all the information and support you need. Be sure to check out the below article by Lauren Cox located in our article directory.

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