Expert Contributors

Meet some of our Expert Contributors

Learn from the top experts in the field of autism. Here are just a few examples of some of our world renowned expert contributors. View the articles below to see examples of the incredible content that AUTISM ADVOCATE Parenting Magazine has to offer.

Dr. Richard Boles

Autism and Genetics



Dr. Tom O'Bryan

Fixing the Microbiome



Dr. Stephen Shore

Four A's of Autism



Dr. Peter Vermeulen

Autism and Happiness

Dr. Robert Naseef

Engaging Fathers

Dr. Gregory Holmes

Epilepsy and Autism

Here are some of the Research Articles featured in the magazine

In every issue of AUTISM ADVOCATE Parenting Magazine, we present research articles summarized in a way that makes them accessible to all readers.

Enlarged Amygdalas Found in Young Girls with ASD

Summary of Dr. Christine Wu Nordahl's Research

Researchers Identify Autism in Very Young High-Risk Children

Summary of Dr. Daniel Messinger's Research

Fragile X Syndrome - A Novel Pharmacological Treatment

Summary of Dr. Elizabeth Berry Kravis' Research

The Metabolic Profile of Mothers with an ASD Child

Summary of Dr. James Adam's Research

Prevalence of Autism among Races/Ethnicities

Summary of Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen's Research

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