Our Values

Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine's Core Values

Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine's Core Values

  • Knowledge empowers parents to ask informed questions and to advocate for their children.
  • Searching for information and resources on autism is time-consuming and overwhelming. Raising a child on the spectrum leaves little time and energy for seeking out valuable information.
  • There is a vast amount of expert knowledge on autism spectrum disorder. With technological advances, parents should be able to access information from around the world easily.
  • We will find more joy in our journey as we empower ourselves with information. This information will help us take action and move in a positive direction.
  • Our children on the spectrum are incredible human beings, and it is our privilege to be autism advocates for them!
  • Parents have the greatest interest in their child’s progression and potential to succeed, yet it can be difficult for parents to find the resources they need to help their children.
  • There is a tremendous need for a resource that connects parents to experts, doctors and professionals in the field of autism. Parents also deserve to know the current state of autism research and to have a meaningful resource to aid their family.

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